Are Women Harsher Towards Themselves?

Women are harsher to themselves than men.

7 thoughts on “Are Women Harsher Towards Themselves?”

  • You hit the nail on the head with this one I am so self critical… I am working through a lot trying to better my mental health. Along with that have come life changes, which is hard and joyous at the same time.. I am so much a consistency person, mess up my routine or take me outside of my bubble and I am worthless. These are some great tips. I am writing them in my journal. Thanks!

    • I understand. Self-criticism can be a gateway to depressing moods, and I can relate to this a lot. May you be gentler to yourself in times outside your bubble. Cheers Miranda

    • Social comparison does play a big role in feeling bad for the self. Compare yourself to better people and feel bad. Compare yourself with worse people and you feel temporarily superior. I believe self-compassion is the safest way to go.

      Thanks for dropping by Panda 🙂

  • So deep! I think you have a lot of good points on this post. Depression is really hard to spot especially when our culture has not embraced the practice of admitting sadness. i will make it a point to praise women more. Thanks for the tips. 😉

    • Yes, praises and kindness can go a long way. My hope is also for women, and everyone for that mat matter, to be gentler to themselves in times of distress. Anyway, thanks for dropping by sir 😛

  • Indeed, women tend to be very critical about themselves and men do too. I just can’t help but wonder whether “patriarchy” plays a role in having women feel less of themselves (and harsher to themselves). I will agree with you that self compassion is very important regardless of gender. 🙂

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